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A month after #BringBackOurGirls, Boko Haram just kidnapped another 20 women

Boko Haram’s terrorist cycle using female captives continues in Nigeria with the abduction of 20 more women, adding to the 276 schoolgirls still held in captivity since April.

It’s yet another sign that the terrorist group is not backing down, as it continues its insurgency in the country. And perhaps yet another testament to the Nigerian government’s failure to curb the group’s violent tactics. 

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Filmed by @WordOnTheCurbUK Heres the video to the poem ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ by @theresa_lola 

Bringing to light the issue of Boko Haram in Nigeria

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creativeshot Loved the video you submitted to me , Great Job 


afrocentrico asked: Nicely done, Theresa. I’m proud of you. #BringBackOurGirls

Thank you for the support!

Video to my poem ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ filmed by @WordOnTheCurbUK

I hope this poems brings to light the issues going on in Nigeria.

Anonymous asked: love your bring back our girls bit.just saw that on YouTube. by any chance would you be interested in dropping some power on a slightly faster paced beat? p.s-Love the subtle Nigerian accent by the way ;)

Haha, ‘subtle nigerian accent’ thank you :)

Sounds like a great idea, you can follow me on twitter @theresa_lola

Will You Be My Muse?

Though its summer
The sun is displaying its cold shoulder
It is yet to reach out to me.
I have not watched the moon in a while
Nor tried to describe the beauty of a star.
Now the sky were it dwells is just a sky
Its blue layers slowly fading away

Most of my time spent buying pens
I forgot to write with them

Will you be my ninth muse?
You may bring every colour to life
Shooting golden arrows
Piercing my views into outer worlds
You will place the sun on my palms
It shall become a torch

My pen shared feelings of abandonment
Refusing to let ink flow in retaliation
I am now in search for deeper revelations
To describe rotations as more than circles

Protecting my love
My art
Protecting my being
My poems

Will you be my ninth muse?

-Theresa Lola

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Anonymous asked: OMG where'd you get the green jacket thingo from!???

I got it from Camden Town in London. There are loads of shops there that sell this kind of jacket/tops :)