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Will You Be My Muse?

Though its summer
The sun is displaying its cold shoulder
It is yet to reach out to me.
I have not watched the moon in a while
Nor tried to describe the beauty of a star.
Now the sky were it dwells is just a sky
Its blue layers slowly fading away

Most of my time spent buying pens
I forgot to write with them

Will you be my ninth muse?
You may bring every colour to life
Shooting golden arrows
Piercing my views into outer worlds
You will place the sun on my palms
It shall become a torch

My pen shared feelings of abandonment
Refusing to let ink flow in retaliation
I am now in search for deeper revelations
To describe rotations as more than circles

Protecting my love
My art
Protecting my being
My poems

Will you be my ninth muse?

-Theresa Lola

Anonymous asked: OMG where'd you get the green jacket thingo from!???

I got it from Camden Town in London. There are loads of shops there that sell this kind of jacket/tops :)

Been in the studio recording my EP, doing what i love. The EP will be released First week in August, and i’ll put a link up on here.

Am very excited, this is a achievement and a hurdle i cane wait to cross over.

swag-a-tron7800 asked: How did u take that photo with your hair whipped

Am guessing your talking bout the one am wearing the orange top? 

I simply flicked my whole head AND hair whilst making eye contact with the camera. And the photographer kept taking pictures during the process. And we chose the perfect shot :)